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Municipal Utilities & Utility Districts

Utility Districts

  • Our workshops are unique and approved to provide Commissioner training hours required by the T.C.A. §7-34-115 and §7-82-307 and 308.  We gather and analyze customer consumption data of the Utility.   This data is used in the training workshop and allows the Board to see the financial impact of potential decisions.  Not only are you learning and obtaining approved training hours, Board members are getting information to make critical financial decisions for the Utility.  “Powerful”, “Insightful”, “Invaluable”, “Every Utility should be required to do this” are just some of the comments from participants of these workshops.
  • Budget Workshops
  • Rate Workshops
  • Utility Ratio Analysis Workshops
  • Utility Rate Studies
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements and the Required Components Including the Management Discussion and Analysis

Litigation Support Services

Seeking and Speaking the Facts

  • Litigation can be difficult and scary.  We have worked in litigation matters in State Court including Chancery Court, Circuit Court, and the Court of Appeals, as well as Federal Bankruptcy Court.  The cases we have been engaged involved contract negotiation, forensic accounting, business dissolution, marital dissolution, and mergers and acquisitions.  Our services sometimes involve testimony through depositions and at trial to show the truth of the matter. 
  • Having experience in the courtroom allows us to help you understand the process and also work with you and your attorney to develop strategies and plans to address the current situation and work toward the closure of your case.

Consulting Services


  • INDIVIDUALS – Consulting services include projecting your annual income and withholding, reviewing your employee benefits at the end of the year and planning for tax saving opportunities.  This process opens up a world of opportunities to develop strategic plans to focus on debt reduction, saving for retirement, college saving and planning, and other areas designed to minimize your taxes and focused on your financial goals.  In these meetings you formulate and develop a clear actionable plan and have the knowledge that you are working in your best financial interest.  

    BUSINESSES – Consulting services for new businesses include helping you choose the right business entity,  understanding the steps necessary to form that business, and how to keep the businesses records.  For newer businesses, we offer QuickBooks setup.  For new and existing businesses, we offer QuickBooks training and ongoing QuickBooks consulting and support.  In addition, we consult with businesses in planning their equipment purchases, debt reduction, choosing the right retirement plan, employee health insurance, and purchases and sales of businesses.  Developing strategic growth and tax plans allows businesses to retain more of their hard earned resources and reinvest into their business.  

    UTILITIES – We have found many ways to help Utilities be more efficient and management to make more informed decisions.  Whether its help with a bank reconciliation, preparing a budget, developing policies and procedures address the auditors findings, preparing for your auditors arrival, accessing a new accounting software, training with existing or new software, establishing customer rates or changing the rate structure, our experience has allowed us to provide unique insights to Utilities with the goal to benefit their customers.   


Tax Planning & Preparation Services

Tax Planning & Preparation

INDIVIDUALS – Tax planning for individuals involves retirement planning, making the most out of your employee benefits, finding deductions and credits that benefit you and help you move toward your financial independence and freedom. 

BUSINESSES – Tax planning for businesses involves understanding how to capture all of the deductions you are entitled to, retirement planning, employee benefit planning, vehicle deductions, etc.

UTILITIES – Tax services for Utilities involves sales tax, payroll tax reporting, and 1099 reporting. 

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