We believe in providing quality and responsive service. The power of business decisions is based on timely and accurate information. Individuals and businesses rely on us to serve as their trusted business advisor.


Our service begins with understanding.  The relationships we develop with each client allow us to understand their unique needs.  By focusing on each client’s needs, our success is a result of our client’s success, and to that, we are honored to be a part of their growth and look forward to serving you.


As trusted advisors, our clients expect insightful advice to enable them to make informed financial decisions.  We have not accepted anything less from ourselves and this is what will be delivered to you.


Time is critical in making financial decisions.  Companies who choose us, rely on our competent advice and responsive personnel.  We provide timely financial services to individuals, large and small businesses, utilities, and other agencies.

What we Do

  • Water, Sewer & Gas Utility 

  • Litigation Support Services

  • Consulting Services

  • Tax Planning & Preparation


Turning on your water is something often taken for granted.  We have over 21 years of experience working with Municipal Utilities and Utility Districts across Tennessee.  Our depth and breadth of experience allows us to bring a wealth of insight to management and the Board.  


Being involved in litigation can be an emotional roller coaster. Having experience in the courtroom allows us to help you understand the process and also work with you and your attorney to develop strategies and plans to address the current situation and work toward closure of your case.   


You have to know the rules to play the game.  If you want to know more about the rules so you can play the game, then you are in the right place. We educate and coach our clients. 


It’s more than just a tax return.  If you want to develop a strategic tax plan you can implement to make the most of your income and move toward your financial goals, then you are at the right place.   


Useful Resources

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See what the IRS says about record keeping.

smt2 play arrow icon TN Dept of Revenue

Click here to visit the TN Department of Revenue website.

smt2 play arrow icon Where’s My Amended Return?

Check the status of your amended tax return with the IRS.

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